Micah Onofre Overpeck

Cute kid.


I like playgrounds
Dogs are awesome
Horses make me smile


My dad’s site

My mom’s site

Our family site

My brother’s site


We desire to passionately pursue
Creativity in all areas of life
Justice and Mercy with a focus on the disenfranchised and ignored both locally and globally
Knowledge and Wisdom seeking to grow in maturity and ability
and to cultivate
Independence-working towards personal growth and integrity; taking initiative
Peace-a spirit of contentment and satisfaction.
Community-an enviornment built on trust, openness and fun
and above all-we will love God and love people.


my moms email : Shannon Overpeck

my dads email : Scott Overpeck

Or just tell them you want to see me the next time you see one of them. Let’s get together for a playdate. You can treat me to a fruitsnack!